Bosullow Elmark G209-2

Date of birth 8th April 2007                                                                            Sire: Bosullow Blackmark E151                                                                       Dam: Bosullow Erica C085

All wrapped up in the pedigree of Elmark are 17 different bulls used at Nightingale over the last 30 years. He is double bred to Rito 2100, MVF Classic 7Z, Perryville Mancini and Nightingale Rocco and twice double bred to Perryville Rosco.

Additionally he features 6 different Nightingale foundation cows and is double bred to the two great cows, GV Pride 80M and Royal Pride Dolly 23R. Significantly included in his pedigree is the highly respected, excellent breeding bull Ankonian Elixir 100 along with 25,00gns Wedderlie Netmark A281 with his outstanding maternal strength and performance. Elmark, who has a supreme carcase and all the desireable traits was bred in the excellent herd of Irwin and Dilys Rowe, 10 miles from Lands End. His daughters are proving to be fine mothers with excellent figures. We have extensive knowledge of the progeny of Elmark from ANY of our families and they progress towards our goal by decades rather than years. A perfect example is Nightingale Dunbar K551.










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