Latest Bull at Nightingale Aug 2015

Latest Junior Stock Bull  at Nightingale Aug 15

Kincarie Kyle P092

kyle re re 1
Kyle is developing into one of the most powerful and exceptional Bulls ever to come to Nightingale ( arrived at 6 weeks)

It took Nightingale a lifetime to breed a bull as good as Peter Pershore, And we believe this son of his is one step up in all aspects.
You will notice from the 2 videos how beautifully he walks on his great legs.

kyle re re 2

KINCARIE KYLE dam Kincarie Katherine at 11 years

Sire Nightingale Peter Pershore
Dam Kincarie Katherine DO11 who is the full sister to Kincarie Kassandra DO12 which are both 11 years old and as fit as 4 year olds! and have both had 10 calves each.
Kassandra is the Dam to Kincarie Knockout  who  was himself 800kg @ 400 days*

kyle re re 3





Kyle at 14 months



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