Nightingale Parson M667

 Date of birth 13th April 2012                                                                                                                                 s. Nightingale Poundman C183                                                                                                                         d. Nightingale Precious Princess H411                                                                                                          g.s Ankoian Elixir 100

Now at Borewell Angus – Northumberland

Definitely the most stylish and structurally correct bull bred to date with his excellent legs and feet making his locomotion perfect, it is difficult to look past him.  He is a bull that exuberates ALL the qualities that future will require -length, carcase, nice bone, style, perfect calving shape and a pleasing personality


   A full sister to his dam is a successful breeder in the herd and he is fifth generation removed from the supreme Argwen Pride cow that has 16 descendants at Nightingale and at 12 years old Mr Graeme Reid of Nethertallan Peter Pershore fame persuaded us to part with her. Coincidently, Parsons sire Nightingale Poundman is a full brother from the same flush as Peter Pershore!

Nightingale Dunbar

   Nightingale Pride H414 by Elixir 100                                Nightingale Precious Princess G359



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