Fordel Parthenon Minotaur L486

Fordel Parthenon Minotaur L486

Date of birth : 2nd April  2011
s. Fodrel Java Eric H525
d. Fodrel Proud Mama G350
gs Idvies Fullback E250

Minotaur is so well behaved at Nightingale that we call him Fordy and he has many special qualities. Firstly his feet are best Mr Robertson has seen in 50 years, secondly from hooks to pins he is the longest bull ever seen. And thirdly as mentioned earlier he has a fabulous temperament.

Fordy’s great figures range from short gestation to high milk including large testicle size. Generally when being high in eye muscle and retail beef yield bulls sacrifice marbling, whereas Fordy is unique in having all 3 qualities in abundance. Ironically Fordy has proven to be an incredibility easier calver at Nightingale.



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